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Afsoon Mansouri Aski neu am Lst. ÖRT


Afsoon Mansouri Aski

Anfang November 2022 begann Afsoon Mansouri Aski ihren Dienst am Lehrstuhl ÖRT. Frau Mansouri Aski arbeitet ebenfalls als wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin und wird ihre Doktorarbei an der Universität Bayreuth schreiben.

A few words about you ...

My name is Afsoon Mansouri Aski. I was born and grew up in Iran.
My native language is Persian (Farsi) and my second language is English.
I have a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from University of Padova in Italy, and I am here to work on Life Cycle Assessment of Metals.
Environmental issues are my professional and personal concern. So, I am always trying to choose my daily routines based on sustainability concept.

Besides this, as an Iranian woman, the idea of women right and activity around it grabs my attention. I cannot imagine the world without Internet access and social media. The availability to get in touch with people around the world at any moment is somehow interesting for me so I would like to travel and meet people from different culture and history. One of these historical places I wish to visit someday is Machu Picchu in Peru.

Wir freuen uns, Afsoon im Team begrüßen zu dürfen und wünschen allzeit viel Freude an der Universität.

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