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Faculty of Engineering Science

Ecological Resource Technology – Prof. Dr. Christoph Helbig

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Welcome to the Chair of Ecological Ressource Technology

The Chair of Ecological Ressource Technology was founded in February 2022 at the Faculty of Engineering Science at the University of Bayreuth.

Under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Helbig, our research and teaching aim is to make material and energy flows more sustainable. The team works here with methods of Industrial Ecology and develops them further.

For these, we combine three pillars:

  • Which material flows of metals and minerals occur, which technological and social developments do they depend on, and how can we make these flows more cyclical? For example, this can be used to determine the lithium recycling potential in tomorrow's eclectic vehicles.
  • What impact does using these resources have on the environment and human health, and through what processes, from mining to recycling, can we make that use more sustainable?
  • Which processes and materials are particularly critical for the central transformation processes: the energy transition, digitization, and the circular economy?

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