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Santillán‐Saldivar, Jair; Gaugler, Tobias; Helbig, Christoph; Rathgeber, Andreas; Sonnemann, Guido; Thorenz, Andrea; Tuma, Axel
Design of an endpoint indicator for mineral resource supply risks in life cycle sustainability ...
in Journal of Industrial Ecology volume 25 (2021) issue 4. - page 1051-1062
doi:10.1111/jiec.13094 ...

Charpentier Poncelet, Alexandre; Helbig, Christoph; Loubet, Philippe; Beylot, Antoine; Muller, Stéphanie; Villeneuve, Jacques; Laratte, Bertrand; Thorenz, Andrea; Tuma, Axel; Sonnemann, Guido
Life cycle impact assessment methods for estimating the impacts of dissipative flows of metals
in Journal of Industrial Ecology volume 25 (2021) issue 5. - page 1177-1193
doi:10.1111/JIEC.13136 ...

Helbig, Christoph; Bruckler, Martin; Thorenz, Andrea; Tuma, Axel
An Overview of Indicator Choice and Normalization in Raw Material Supply Risk Assessments
in Resources volume 10 (2021) issue 8
doi:10.3390/resources10080079 ...

Helbig, Christoph; Schrijvers, Dieuwertje; Hool, Alessandra
Selecting and prioritizing material resources by criticality assessments
in One Earth volume 4 (2021) issue 3. - page 339-345
doi:10.1016/j.oneear.2021.02.006 ...

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